School of Natural Healing

by John R. Christopher

© 1976 John R. Christopher

720 pages

ISBN  1-879436-15-9(hardcover)

Price $79.95


From Book cover --

Christopher Publications is proud to present this edition of School of Natural Healing. Over the years, beginners and herbal experts alike have trusted the School of Natural Healing to provide expert instruction on herbal therapies. The worldwide distribution and use of Dr. Christopher’s formulas confirms the success and safety of his methods. If you have ever used an herbal combination, it was most likely one of Dr. Christopher’s. This text combines his methods and famous formulas in an easy-to-use volume for personal and classroom study. Expanded and revised, we present this work, assured that it will enhance your efforts in natural healing.

Reviews --

“Although I have an extensive herbal library, I constantly refer to this outstanding text of Dr. Christopher’s for usage, dosage, and positive identification of plants. I recall an experience, several decades ago, when I really needed detailed information about a plant in an emergency situation. After referring to several other books, The School of Natural Healing is where I finally found the information I needed.” David W. Christopher M.H. Director of The School of Natural Healing

“Dr. Christopher will go down in history as one of America’s greatest herbalists. He has brought the ancient art of herbalism into the twentieth century. His book is a classic.” Clinton R. Miller Former Vice President, Natural Health Federation

“This is an extremely informative and useful volume. The encyclopedic nature of herbal preparations and basic health principles in Christopher’s textbook of natural healing has been crucial to my development as a physician of natural humanistic medicine. I have found it invaluable.” Dr. Michael L. Gerber Mill Valley, California

“I found this to be an interesting, timely, and complete study of natural remedies and treatment of illnesses. I highly recommend it to those concerned with treating illness in a natural way.” Dr. David R. Warden Kaysville, Utah

About the Author --

Dr. Christopher became a Master Herbalist in 1946 after completing course work under Dr. H. Knowles at Dominion Herbal College in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1948 he received his Naturopathic Doctor Degree from the Institute of Drugless Therapy in Tama, Iowa. He continued his studies at the Los Angeles Herbal Institute under the renowned Dr. Edward Shook, receiving his Herbal Pharmacist degree. He practiced as a professional herbalist in the states of Washington, Wyoming, and Utah. He developed a training program for herbalists and organized The School of Natural Healing in 1953. When political legalities kept him from healing patients in his clinic, he traveled around the country lecturing to thousands. He also wrote and published several books and newsletters. Dr. Christopher’s message is “God intended everyone to have the knowledge to properly care for their own body.”

John R. Christopher


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