Being Brave for Bailey

by Corey Gut, DVM

© 2014 Corey Gut, DVM
40 pages

ISBN 978-0-578-14849-6 (hardcover)

Price $24.95

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From the back cover --

Bailey is a cherished family pet who has been a loving companion and friend to all. But Bailey has become very sick and his quality of life has diminished. It's time for the family to make an extremely difficult decision. Death and euthanasia are difficult concepts for a child to grasp and accept. Being Brave for Bailey introduces these difficult subjects and helps guide children through the complex and frightening emotions that are inevitable. Written by a veterinarian with assistance from an elementary counselor, this book is a valuable tool for broaching these topics and provides activity ideas for further support.

Reviews --

“This book is written in such a beautiful way that I would challenge any animal lover to read this without a strong emotional response. Being Brave for Bailey intimately captures the unconditional love of a child and their dog and the final selfless act of bravery.”

— Lyn Kostus, Elementary Teacher

“Many children are deeply affected by the loss of a pet, and Being Brave for Bailey is a wonderful conversation starter into a difficult, yet necessary discussion. This is a heartwarming and loving book that I will use with my students, clients, and my own children.”

— Julie Reynolds, LPC, NCC, Elementary Counselor

Being Brave for Bailey...not only tugs at the heartstrings for those who have already lost a dog; it also provides tools for coping when the time comes to make tough decisions. Having a family’s strength and support during a dog’s last days is the best way to give back all that they have added to a family. Being Brave for Bailey will surely set the stage for important family conversations during a confusing and emotional time.”

— Janice Pollard, Literary Editor

About the Author --

Corey is a veterinarian in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her previous veterinary roles have included international surgeon, wildlife doctor, Earthwatch marine mammal rescue and rehabilitator, veterinary counselor and professor. Although she has loved working in a wide variety of veterinary fields, she finds her current job of caring for pets and their families the most personally rewarding. After 10 years in practice, Corey wrote this book to provide parents with a tool to broach the difficult subject of euthanasia and pet loss with their children.

Corey Gut, DVM


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