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From the back cover --

Break generational patterns. Create a new family tree.

Do you feel exhausted, guilty and at your wits’ end? Like no one understands? Want to stop the defiance, disrespect and tension in your home? Want your kids to listen the first time? Get the support you need to make these changes stick.

In this four week program, Kirk Martin and his son, Casey, will share everyday examples that are life-changing and laugh-out-loud funny. You will learn 40 specific, concrete strategies to help even the most strong-willed toddlers, tweens, and teens be respectful and responsible…without crushing their spirits.

Sharing your struggles and successes with a supportive group of parents over the course of four weeks will lead to new relationships and lasting change. Plus you’ll finally get on the same page with your spouse. Are you ready to break those negative patterns?

4 Weeks. 40 Strategies. Group Discussions. Changed Families.

1st Week: 10 Ways to Stop the Yelling, Lecturing & Power Struggles.
The quickest way to change your child’s behavior…is to first control your own. No more button pushers and little attorneys bossing you around!

2nd Week: 10 Ways to Discipline: Get Kids to Listen the First Time.
Learn exactly what to do when kids whine, complain, lie, steal, cheat, throw tantrums, interrupt on the phone, yell in the car and more.

3rd Week: 10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Meltdowns.
Stop the backtalk, rolling eyes, meltdowns and emotional power struggles without escalating situations. Learn the exact words that work.

4th Week: 10 Ways to Motivate Kids Without Crushing Their Spirits.
Spark your child’s internal motivation so you don’t have to bribe, plead or threaten your kids with meaningless consequences. Enjoy a confident, purposeful child.

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