by C. J. Stevens

© 2013 C. J. Stevens

64 pages

ISBN 978-1-882425-25-9 (hardcover)

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Reviews --

Storyteller is a well-written story of Erskine Caldwell’s tumultuous life. An extensive and thoroughly re-searched biography. SUN JOURNAL, Lewiston, Maine.

The Cornish Nightmare is a lovely book! The reader gets a unique view of D. H. Lawrence at a crucial time in his life. RANANIM SOCIETY REVIEW

Lawrence at Tregerthen unveils with palpable clarity the most critical and extraordinary time in D. H. Lawrence’s life—from March 1916 to October 1917.THE CAMBRIDGE REVIEW

The Miracle of Bryan Pearce follows the evolution of a noted painter, using a first-person documentation of family challenges and artistic ventures to create a compelling story. THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

His poems are serious, attentive gestures of care for other people or remembered experiences. He promises staying power. LIBRARY JOURNAL

His poems are fresh, richly imagined, and executed with economy and wit. MISSISSIPPI REVIEW

One thing he does better than anyone else I know is incisive, sympathetic, moving portraits of persons outside of him-self....He is a highly skilled craftsman working with precision and accuracy. Ron Schreiber, MARGINS

It is an engaging personality that speaks to us in these poems, a man whose sharp eyes pick out the subtle differences a single line can make. OPEN PLACES


About the Book--

P.S. is the fourth gathering of short stories by C. J. Stevens and his seventh selection of poetry. His twenty-one books include biography, memoirs, Dutch and Flemish translations, history, adventure, and animal behavior. A New Englander by birth, Stevens has traveled extensively and has lived in England, Ireland, Holland, Malta and Portugal. Several of his regional books, The Next Bend in the River, Maine Mining Adventures, The Buried Treasures of Maine, The Supernatural Side of Maine, and Memoirs of a Maine Gold Hunter have achieved wide popularity and numerous reprints.

C. J. Stevens


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