Horatio Moves

by Jenna Zaffino
Illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson

© 2014 Radiant Creations
32 pages

978-0-578-14145-9 (paperback)

Price $14.95



About the Author --

Jenna Zaffino is a curious creative who works with the mediums of movement, creative writing and public speaking to explore and share the awareness of the mind/body connection and it’s positive influence towards life’s challenges. Guided by the inner values of Safety, Authenticity, Balance, Fun, and Gratitude, Jenna embraces passion in each and every endeavor in her life. Jenna’s inspiration comes straight from the heart. She is grounded and supported by her wonderful husband and best friend Josh, and her rock star dog Horatio! www.jennazaffino.com

About the Illustrator --

Daniel Warren Johnson is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Chicago. He strives to create meaningful and fun illustrations that fit within his clients’ goals and surpass their expectations. Daniel believes in keeping an organic and natural feel to every project, while enjoying the tangible nature of creative collaboration and expression. When not working on client work, Daniel works on his self published comic, Space-Mullet, and hangs out with his awesome wife. He also loves craft beer. www.danielwarrenart.com

About the Dog --

Horatio “Ray Ray” Zaffino, the star of our book, is truly a dog of the people. Since his “enlightenment” he has embraced the phrase “Who care’s if I’m scruffy? I don’t need to hide!” and can be seen all over Chicago, frequenting dog-friendly establishments. His favorite pastime remains being a “big deal” at Helios Center For Movement. At the studio, he serves as the Director of Hospitality, Ambassador of Flexibility, Hydration Consultant and the Coordinator of Fun! Whether in Pilates class or at a family gathering, Horatio is most happy with a group of humans, where he uses his individuality to interact and remind us that movement is more than just exercise.

        Jenna Zaffino                         Daniel Warren Johnson                      Horatio "Ray Ray"


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