The Gift of Scoliosis

by Debra Ordes,
Anthony P. Moreno, MD

2013 Debra Ordes
150 pages


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With this illustrated guide, readers will enjoy the inspiring journey of Debra Ordes who will share many of her pivotal moments, guiding principles and a variety of tips on how to manage chronic back pain. The challenges of having multiple spine surgeries and Flat Back Syndrome prepared her for the ideal situation of fulfilling a desire to help others in the community and around the world. Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, Anthony P. Moreno, MD will share some of the latest surgical advancements in spinal deformity and what inspired him to become a spine surgeon who would take on some of the most critical and complex spinal deformity cases in the world. Driven with passion and dedication, you will see how the two united during a journey that will take you across the oceans to fulfill life-saving missions. You will see what encouraged them to form the Global Scoliosis Foundation, Inc. a non-profit worldwide information and support network for global scoliosis communities.

About the Author --

Debra Ordes, Showcases her journey with scoliosis of thirty five years and illustrates the passions that created the ideal situation of helping others around the world. This great read for all ages will inspire those dealing with the many trials and tribulations this spinal deformity can impose and reveals answers to numerous anxieties that some-times plague the minds of individuals and families during their journey. Highlighted in the book will be four amazing stories depicting once life-threatening situations that were transformed into a more splendid outcome with the help and great work of many volunteers. Written with Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon, Anthony P. Moreno, MD you will hear about what inspired him to become a surgeon who would take on some of the most critical and complex scoliosis spine surgeries in the world. You will meet The People Behind the Scenes in the Operating Room, read the updates on Surgical Advancements, accompanied by Some Guiding Principles, Some of the Complex Challenges One May Face and How the Author Handled these Challenges during her mission to heal and manage chronic back pain ac-companied with having Flat Back Syndrome.

Debra Ordes and Anthony P. Moreno, MD


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