by Richard C. Hawkins
Illustrated by Deb Hoeffner

© 2011 by Richard C. Hawkins
40 pages

978-0-578-09089-4 (hardcover)

Price $14.95



From back cover --

Lucky is the tale of a lonely young tree discovered deep in the woods and chosen as a family’s perfect Christmas tree. Told from the tree’s perspective, and illustrated with thoughtful, soft pencil drawings, the story becomes a gentle lesson on friendship, humility, mortality, and the value of life. In the words of Lucky’s newfound friend Scraggly:
“Always remember that you have made a difference in this world. You have made other people happy."

About the Author --

Richard C. Hawkins is a retired professor from the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. A native Texan, he attended Baylor University, majoring in Languages, and appearing in numerous plays. During WWII, he served in Special Operations in China with the OSS. After military service, Richard worked in the theater as a stage actor, producer, and documentary filmmaker where he won international awards, including a Motion Picture Academy nomination. The tale of Lucky was written at the request of his beloved wife, Shirley, who once had a favorite Christmas tree put out on the patio to wither away. The publication of this book fulfills a promise made and shares the spirit of Shirley who died of cancer a few months after the story was written.

About the Illustrator--

Deb Hoeffner describes her unique style of “soft realism” as a layering of thought, paint, or in this case pencil, and possibilities. During a thirty year professional career, her work has been widely published in books and magazines, including The New York Times and U.S. News & World Report. Her award-winning paintings and drawings are in many private collections and have been exhibited at The Society of Illustrators and The Philadelphia Sketch Club as well as numerous art galleries and exhibitions in the New York and Philadelphia area. Deb’s studio is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The model for Scraggly lives in her yard among the squirrels, birds and deer. More of her work can be seen at

Winner of a Moonbeam Award.

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