A Description of the Book from Heaven

Dr. Walter L. Porter, Ph.D.

420 pages

Copyright 2005

ISBN: 0-9755777-2-7

Price $32.00

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Description of contents: The Bible contains over 783,000 words. This description of it contains about 345,000 words, which represents forty-four percent of the Bible. This description was written to help reveal what is in the Bible without having to read all of it, which is a formidable task. It also provides many explanations as well as plain descriptions. It is a good introduction for those not familiar with the Bible, as well as a good review for those who are. It includes all of the major events and topics in that holy book. Of course, much is condensed. Nevertheless, most of what is in the Bible is described, and hopefully it will encourage you to want to study the Bible itself. The Bible is the greatest of all books, having been written by Almighty God through the hands of his prophets.




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