A Description of the Book from Heaven (Condensed Edition)

Dr. Walter L. Porter, Ph.D.

301 pages

Copyright © 2005

ISBN: 0-9755777-3-5

Price $20.00

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Description of contents: The Bible contains over 783,000 words. This brief description of it contains about 123,000 words, which represents less than sixteen percent of the Bible. Nevertheless, I tried to include all of the major events and topics. Of course, I had to condense much of what it says and only give the gist. Also I omitted much of the detail, such as long lists of names, as well as some lesser events. Out of necessity I had to make many judgments about what to exclude. Therefore, you must keep in mind that this is just a simple description of what is in the Bible. Yet it will give you a good acquaintance with it. And once you become acquainted, I hope you will want to know more about that greatest of all books—the word of God.




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