I Ching
Book of Changes

An Interpretation by Blythe Lasley
Photographs by Diane Fassler Chasmar
Momentum Publishing
Ashland, Oregon
copyright 2005

Text (c) 2005 Blythe Lasley
Photos (c) 2005 Diane Fassler Chasmar
148 pages, 74 color photographs
Hardcover, smythe-sewn binding

0-9766633-0-9 (hard cover)

List Price: $45.00

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About the Book --

Faithful to traditional translations, yet elegantly distilled and clear, this edition of the I Ching adds a NEW DIMENSION by pairing each of the 64 Hexagrams with exquisite COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS of the natural world, creating rich, visual metaphors to enhance the commentary.

Accessible, enigmatic, illuminating and insightful, this I Ching invites one to enter into a reflective, meditative moment when chance, synchronicity, and timeless wisdom can shed light on a personal inquiry.

A welcome presentation of one of the world's oldest and most revered texts. Beautifully updated for those familiar with the oracle, and an inviting introduction for those new to it, this book is destined to be a constant companion and trusted friend. Brief history and instruction for use included.

A visual, spiritual treasure to own, a beautiful GIFT to give.


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