The Five Dimensions of the Eritrean Conflict:
Deciphering the Geo-Political Puzzle

by Dr. Daniel Kendie

© 2005 Daniel Kendie
442 pages

1-932433-47-3 (paperback)

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Blurbs and Reviews --

“Professor Daniel Kendie has written an informative and well-researched study of the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict. His book presents ideas that probably will be new to many readers. The chapters on the people of Eritrea and on Eritrea as a colony are especially enlightening. He reviews the literature on the subject and boldly exposes works that he believes lack rigor in research and writing. Dr. Daniel’s analysis of the root cause of the Eritrean-Ethiopian conflict is persuasive and logical. The history of Ethiopia’s involvement with Islam and the Middle East fills a void in the literature in a timely way. There also are noteworthy chapters that deal with Ethiopia’s relations with Israel and Egypt, including the hydro-politics of the Blue Nile. Daniel’s solution for the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia is realistic and practical. In his powerful conclusion, Daniel suggests federation between the two countries as a way out of the impasse, arguing that a federation could serve as a nucleus around which to build economic cooperation and integration of the countries of the Horn of Africa. I recommend this book highly.”

Dr. Theodore Vestal, Professor of Political Science, Oklahoma State University, is the first American honored with the Hiob Ludolf Endowed Professorship for studies on current Ethiopian issues at Hamburg University.

“Daniel Kendie has written a sparkling history of Eritrea in intrinsic relationship to its mother country - Ethiopia. His evocative and intimate style, as well as his critical insights into the history of what used to be known to outsiders as ‘Abyssinia,’ is a major contribution to our empirical and conceptual understanding of the Horn of Africa. Dr. Daniel Kendie’s pioneering work on the history of Eritrea and the geo-politics of the conflict is marked by prodigious research and cogent argument. In this work, the author maintains a high level of scholarship and challenges many of the previous assumptions that have crept into the region’s historiography. All students of African history, politics and economics, as well as that of the Middle East, ought to notice the enormous contribution this brave, penetrating, and thought provoking monograph offers.”

Dr. Paulos Milkias, Department of Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.



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