Dwell In Love IV
The Inner Life of Jesus

by Jerry K. Paul
Isaiah Publications
Pine Level, AL 

© 2005 Jerry K. Paul
168 pages

0-9741673-3-9 (paperback)

Price $15.95

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The book is available at New Leaf Distributing Company, www.newleaf-dist.com, and from the publisher.

Isaiah Publications, P. O. Box 31, Pine Level, AL  36065, www.dwellinlove.com, jkpaul@mon-cre.net.

website: www.dwellinlove.com


From the Back Cover --

In Dwell in Love IV: The Inner Life of Jesus Jerry Paul answers your deepest questions about what was going on in the mind of Jesus as He went about his earthly life.  Discover the close relationship Jesus, the child, had with God, and how He nurtured it, so that it was constant, as He became God’s emissary on earth to show us how to be vessels for extending God’s Love.

This book will inspire you to emulate Jesus and follow the pattern He gave for allowing God to exemplify divine Love on earth through you and be of assistance in the best possible way to your fellowman.

Every encounter you have, every situation in life, is an opportunity to allow God through you to touch the heart of another person and awaken it to its natural expression of extending Love.  As you do this more and more, you realize that prayer and communion are not something you do just at a certain time during the day—they can become a continuous activity in your life, as they were for Jesus.


Blurbs and reviews --

“The discourses in this volume have opened up and deepened my sense of personal connection with Jesus in a way that no other publication has ever done for me.  In some cases the material is astonishing, and in others comfortingly familiar, but always they  carry that ‘ring of truth’ that awakens the soul to divine possibilities.  The Master’s imprint is surely on this book”
Lynn Sparrow

A prayer of Jesus:
“I want to be You, manifest on earth; I want You to manifest as Me to bring the vibration of holiness into earth. I want the heart of every person I encounter to be touched in such a way that he may at some point remember it and begin to seek to know You and Your Love. I want not one single encounter to have been just a chance meeting that meant nothing. Lead Me wherever there are those who can be touched. Help my brothers! Some are crying out, and they need help, but forget not those who are not crying out, in particular those who have lost all hope, who have no belief in goodness and love, and who just exist in almost a state of nothingness. Forget them not! Touch them on the heart. Awaken their souls. Quicken them, so that they may come to realize that the spark of your Divine Being within them may expand, and they may seek to be divine children—children of holiness on earth.”

About the Author --

After receiving a BA degree, Jerry Paul studied church music and pipe organ in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  He has spent over 30 years studying spirituality from different angles.  He sought a simple and direct way of praying and experiencing God’s presence.  He asked for and received messages that those of the heart could easily follow and apply.


Jerry K. Paul


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