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Hi Earik,
I have a few questions, but first let me congratulate you on writing such an incredible book! I am so impressed not only that you pulled all of this information together in one book, but your writing style is so incredible that you seem to have a knack for explaining things very clearly and precisely. You tell the pros and cons of each technique in a simple, concise manner. I was a former Wave59 subscriber and I purchased one of your books a few years ago, so I knew that your style of writing would clear up many of the questions I had about esoteric trading in a clear, logical, easy to understand manner. That is why I had no problem paying the high purchase price, because I have many different Gann & Bayer books, but all of them left me still "scratching my head" with no logical way to pull it all together.

I am also happy to be a student of these subjects because I truly understand that we are dealing with something that reaches FAR beyond trading. I like how you touch on that at the end of the book. I am aware of all the scientific research on waves and particles, and I am a student of the Universal Laws of Attraction, Sacred Geometry and enjoy
movies such as "What the Bleep Do We Know" and "National Treasure." It's clear to those who are enlightened that we are dealing with the very makeup of the universal and creation. Some of whom will call God. Who would have thought that one could obtain spiritual enlightenment by studying stock analysis! Anyway, there's NO DOUBT ABOUT IT! You're the best!


I want to congratulate you on your book "Market Esoterica", it is the best book on trading that I have read. Many thanks for publishing this information.


Dear Earik,

I just wanted to let you know that the book arrived safely yesterday. I have not been able to put it down! I was up until 2:00 a.m. reading it with great interest. My path is very similar to yours in that if you would have told me six years ago when I started trading, that I'd be looking at astrological information to help place my trades, I'd say you were nuts! But like you, that is exactly where my path has taken me. As you so well state, it's not about having the best indicators with the least lag, nor about writing the best trading systems. The market is so much more than that!

Thank you for taking the step to share what was in your "secret drawer" for all those years. I know it takes courage to do. But you are right in that allowing other people access to this information won't effect your trading in the least. In fact, for every 100 people who read your book, I'd bet only 10 of them actually understand it. And of those 10, maybe only one or two will actually grasp the concepts enough to put them to use. It takes a very sophisticated person to be able to use this information, as you well know. And quite frankly, most traders are more interested in the latest indicator and the newest trading software. In fact, I'm not even sure if I'm going to be one of the 10 people who understand it, let alone one of the lucky ones who is able to benefit by making profitable trades based upon this information. I just hope I am able to grasp the concepts enough to be able to put them to good use.

I am not even halfway through reading the book. There is a lot of new information for me to digest. This is the most money I have ever paid for a book on trading. But I truly believe that the information you have uncovered has the potential to be life changing. Thank you for putting your many years of research into a complete and concise format.

I am sure I'll be in touch again after I have read the book in its entirety a few times. I greatly appreciate your making this information available to people like me.




We are writing to express our thanks for and extreme satisfaction with the Wave59 software. After digesting the Market Esoterica materials and writing some PERL scripts to insure the math gets done correctly, we have ventured into the E-Mini S&P today (8/7/2006). I (Mike) wrote for the hot planet method requiring natal dates of the desired market for position trading, the intra-day hot planet method (used today to great effect) and the “swing-to-swing” hot planet method. I chose PERL because I’m more comfortable with it, especially for just entering a date from <STDIN>, and I wanted code quickly. Like everybody else who went to the seminar or bought the DVD/Workbook, I also tried to code the houses for Astronumerology, but could not get it right. Thanks for providing an elegant solution there as well.

Today, we found ourselves simultaneously awestruck and in (short-lived) disbelief as each Ephemeral aspect approached and the turns came in the market. Well, these things and greatly profitable days are apparently something we’re just going to have to get used to. We were impressed with the way the Wave59 website described using newer algorithms and the level pragmatism expressed by my favorite quote: “If it works, it’s in the program.” Our only trouble was that we had just paid for a full year’s lease of Able-Sys eASC-Trend. Now, to be fair, we did get ONE position trade off with them that made money. We just were blown away when during the Wave59 trial period, the indicators ALONE were signaling entries 4 and 5 days PRIOR to Able-Sys, and keeping our stops in the hundreds of dollars – not thousands. We are sure we’ll get our Able-Sys money back from the markets quite soon, so no worries there.

Earik, your products are changing our lives for the better already. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your ideas and time. Today marked the first time ever that our trading decisions were aided by something more than faith (and lots of hope) in the indicators. We have confidence in the methods we use, and the knowledge that not everybody is even aware that these methods exist – let alone that they work.
Many profound and deep thanks.

MC and TC



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