Gone but not Forgotten

by Fabrizio Bivona
Pioneer Publishing

© 2004 Fabrizio Bivona
112 pages

ISBN 978-1-4243-1328-0 (hard cover)

Price $39.95



From the Back Cover --

“We’re fortunate to live in a country whose birth right of freedom and justice are examples of the compassion our forefathers had in mind when creating this wonderful country. The key to our incredible success lies in the traits and contributions of the individual citizens, and like rain drops, each in and of itself has little impact. When the diversity and generosity of all the rain drops blend together they create a cascading river of hope, love and compassion.” That river is called THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

“You captured a moment in history and froze it in time. You gave me a new appreciation for the people and the events, as you made me feel like I was right there. If someday I’m asked about 9/11, I’ll simply hand them “Gone But not Forgotten” and they will live it through your eyes but with their hearts.

—Steven, East Stroudsburg, PA

You dissected and examined the tragic events in such a way, that I felt both comfort and inspiration. This was the hardest book I’ve ever read. But I’ve never loved a book more. You have taken literature to the next level.

—Bruce, Flemington, NJ

“Everyone should read your story before they knock this country—It’s a wake up call. This book broke the boundaries for honor and dignity. It makes me prouder than ever to be an American”

—Malcolm, Staten Island, NY

“You treated the event with respect and dignity, while keeping the triumphant spirit of the towers alive forever. This is a commemorative and historic keepsake, which I will treasure forever.”

–Pamela, Morris Plains, NJ

“Wonderful … Beautiful written …Thoughtful … Honest and Raw.” I Loved it! I actually felt like I was there and even cried a few times. It was nice because 3 years later things begin to fade slightly, so it brought it right back. Almost a visceral response as some of the emotions that I was dealing with at that time, came right back.

—Danielle, Baltimore, MD

Oh my God! I started to read it this morning at work and I am up to page 10 and had to stop. It’s a story that totally takes you in and totally transports you back to that horrible day. Very well written. I wish every American could read about this again - and just remember what these people went through. It is engrossing, compelling and Heartrendering.

—Joan, Hopatcong, NJ



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