Plan B, C, & D
The Men Women Choose When They Don't Have What They Really Want!

by Nkansa Landis Casterlow
Published by, LLC.
Atlanta, GA.

2006 Nkansa Landis Casterlow
234 pages

ISBN 0-9787941-0-9 (paperback)

Price: $16.95 retail
$13.50 + $5 shipping and handling from web site

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From the Back Cover --

"People want more out of dating than they're getting right now. There may be large numbers of people to choose from, but compatibility factors make it difficult to find the 'Right One'. It starts with our thought grooming; which creates our values, decisions and priorities. Those priorities determine the course we pursue, and the results we live with. This book may be the best 'Reality Check' you've read in a very long time." - Nkansa Landis Casterlow


About the Author --

Nkansa is originally from Boston, Massachusetts but has called Atlanta, Georgia home for the last 20 years. He is a divorced father of one child, and some of the challenges he encountered in dating again prompted him to write this book.

Nkansa Landis Casterlow


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