Stress Management 101 For College Students

by Dr.Ivor Lensworth Livingston
StressHealth Institute International
Olney, Maryland

© 2007 Ivor Lensworth Livingston
350 pages

0-963153-6-0 (paperback)

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From the Back Cover --

Stress Management 101 For College Students is reservoir of information on stress and stress management written especially for the typical college student. Information is pulled from the existing literature, as well as the author’s extensive experiences teaching at the university level for 20+ years, and as an international stress management consultant and lecturer. The appealing features of the book make it a must read for all college students who are serious in knowing about stress and how to manage it effectively. Additional qualities of the book that make it different and attractive to readers include the following features:

  • Easy-to-read with specially drawn exhibits, designed to complement adjacent text.

  • Easy-to-read tables and figures that complement adjacent text.

  • An analogy made between stressors and the ferocious “tiger and the need to ultimately tame the tiger.”

  • The main sections of the book following Dr. Livingston’s simplified 3-Stress I-R-M Approach to Stress

  • Analyzed empirical data showing relationships involving the six main stressors discussed in the book.

  • Exercises and stress-related information conveniently located in the Appendix.

  • “While stress may remain a constant feature of the collegiate experience, with Stress Management 101 for College Students in hand, the accompanying difficulties will be assuaged exponentially.” - Dr. Ron Stewart, Associate Professor, SUNY-Bufflo State.
  • “An important and informative guide for college students in effective stress management. Mental health practitioners andconsultants will also benefit from this invaluable resource that provides a comprehensive assessment of the context and coping strategies for stress among college students.” - Dr. Colwick M. Wilson, Associate Professor, Loma Linda University.
  • “To empower students to handle stress in a positive way, Dr. Livingston has created an easy to follow manual that will serve as a great companion on this journey towards success.” - Dr. Llewellyn Cornelius, Professor, University of Maryland.
  • “In this book, Dr. Ivor Livingston has skillfully presented the essentials about stress that every college student needs to know in a way that would appeal to the reader. It gives the tools to cope with modern day stress of the college student.” - Dr. Thomas R. Wessel, Dean for Counseling and Career Development and Director of University Counseling Service, Howard University.
  • “Professor Livingston’s book, like no other, will aid students in handling stress effectively.” - Sociology, University of Toledo.
  • “Stress Management 101 is an amazingly comprehensive tool chest full of thoughtful information and real-life solutions for those who seek to maintain a healthy mind, body, soul, and spirit while balancing the stressful and, at times, unhealthy demands associated with being a college student.” - Dr. Brian Gibbs, Assistant Professor, Harvard University.
  • “In an increasingly globalized world, even students in the alleged stress-free Caribbean will benefit immensely from this timely publication.” - Dr. Dion Phillips, Professor, University of the Virgin Islands.

Ivor Lensworth Livingston, Ph.D., M.P.H., C.H.E.S. is an internationally known stress management consultant and President of the StressHealth Institute International. Dr. Livingston is also a Professor at Howard University. He has over 20 years experience as a lecturer, motivational speaker, and author on various aspects of stress and its relationship to health (e.g., HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, depression, diabetes, hypertension). He has published over 50 articles in scientific journals and books, and is the author of four other books. Two of these popular books are on stress
and they are entitled, “The ABCs of Stress Management” and “Understanding Stress Using Pointed Illustrations.” Dr. Livingston received his education at Howard University, Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Ivor Lensworth Livingston


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