Origin of Spiritual Instruction

by  Nome, Society of Abidance in Truth
Santa Cruz, CA

2006  Society of Abidance in Truth
44 pages

ISBN  0-9703667-3-6 (paperback)

Price $

Book can be obtained directly from the publisher.

Publisher contact: Society of Abidance in Truth
1834 Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060




From the Book --

This book is the original text translated into English of spiritual teachings given by Sri Ramana Maharshi, dealing with Self-Knowledge and the very essence of Advaita Vedanta tradition. Terse and pithy, this spiritual text contains an exposition of the most profound wisdom and the path to realize such for oneself. Sri Ramana Maharshi is modern day (1870 - 1950) sage of the most ancient Hindu tradition.

The book is edited by Nome, who is a translator and writer of several books of these Advaita Vedanta and Self-Knowledge teachings and who gives spiritual instruction at SAT.



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