The Adventures of Flat Head
The story of a boy growing up in Jamaica.

by Chen Chin
Chinsun Ventures Ltd.

© 2006 by Chen Chin
182 pages

ISBN 0-9777893-0-6 (paperback)


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From the Book --

This book is based on a true story about a boy nicknamed Flat Head, who along with eight other siblings, was born into poverty. His mother Simo showered them with love and he never realized that they were poor. He grew up having fun. He went through school having lots more fun, and neglected to focus on his schoolwork. He, after his time had expired at school, became an outlaw in order to survive. Then he became a policeman and did an honest job. He touched many lives. In the end, many of the society’s powerless were empowered through him. Most names in this book are fictional except in cases when they had to be mentioned in order to make the history accurate. Come with me and thumb through the pages of yesterday. This book is guaranteed to bring you at least one good laugh.

Review of the Book --

" This first book by Chen Chin records things seen, heard and felt deeply. There is pain in several chapters, certainly; but this is noted simply and humbly rather than screamed. This book captures interior landscapes in near silence and with that quiet voice the work speaks volumes for one who underwent the runnings. This is essentially private recollections with the voice of the calm reporter exercising a feel for strong rural life. There are flashes of political energy but Chin speaks as a man moving from rural to town to other cities of the world, ordering his experiences and is not afraid to be specific and personal."
               Humroy Whyte, Journalist.

Thanks again for "The Adventures of Flat Head" I am still enjoying reading it. It takes me way, way back, as far back as I can remember as a child and I am having a lot of chuckles as I read. I am taking it very slowly so I can digest it real good. JR has not gotten to it yet, but he is waiting patiently for his read.
               One impressed reader.

Hi CC: I finished reading the book and before I did my daughter heard about it and wanted a copy for her son. I gave her mine. I think most Jamaican kids need to read it just to see where we are coming from. A lot of them would never know. I have spoken with Dr. Sangster and he will be collecting the book in due course. I hope the cops mentioned won’t mind the exposure, although I see where you sometimes use aliases. Best of luck with the book....
               Ken J

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. I had a lot of laughs especially the when the author got a beating in Mobay before all and sundry. I did find one or two spelling/punctuation "typo" errors but they fade away in comparison to the pleasure of reading the book. I plan to read it again from cover to cover with Noel when he comes up next week.

IT WAS DELIGHTFUL! You did a fantastic job. I feel like I've taken a journey back in time to the 'true' Jamaica. No sugar coating, but the real 'dusty' truth. God has truly blessed you to be able to look at life in such a positive light and then to be able to relate it in this book for all to enjoy! (But, you didn't tell what happened to FLAT HEAD!)
Call me,



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