Doc Bar Revisited

by Gala Nettles
LMH Publishing
Madisonville, Texas

Gala Nettles, 1995, 2005
176 pages

ISBN 0-9649288-0-9 (hard cover)




From the Back Cover --

The great horse Doc Bar led a unique life. He was owned by only two owners in his lifetime; that for which he was most famous, he never did; he retained his prominence although he lived far off the beaten path; and from his remote valley, he still was able to build a dynasty. Call it serendipity, call it destiny call it fate. Whatever, Doc Bar, whose life was influenced by three families, has emerged as one of the leading sires of the Quarter Horse Industry. This project was suggested to me several years ago by a gentlemen at the American Quarter Horse Association. At that time, I questioned the reader-appeal of the life of a horse that I knew only from statistics. I now know my hesitancy was unwarranted. The life of Doc Bar reminds me of a Fourth of July fireworks. It was beautiful and I'm so glad I didn't miss it.


About the Author

Horses are a way of life for author Gala Nettles, who is married to cutting horse trainer Ronnie Nettles and lives on the Nettles Cutting Horse Ranch in Madisionville, Texas. As a freelance writer, she specializes in agricultural and human interest writing for numerous magazines, including several publications for foreign countries and two newspaper columns. Doc Bar, while her fifth book, is her first about the life of a horse. Like so many people in the cutting horse business, the great sire touched her life when her husband, Ronnie Nettles, won the 1984 NCHA Futurity on Doc Per, a great grandson of the stallion. "I've always enjoyed writing," commented Nettles, who has a Bachelor's degree from Baylor University and a Master's degree from Sam Houston State University. "Writing requires time, so you put more of your heart into it than you do the spoken word. Old letters bring some of the fondest memories."

Gala Nettles


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