Playtime at the Feet of Jesus

by Eleanor P. Hamilton
Autumn Light Publications
Columbia, MD

© 2006 by Eleanor P. Hamilton
116 pages

ISBN 978-0-9755173-3-8 (paperback)

Autumn Light Publications
5430 Lynx Lane, Columbia, MD 21044


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About the book:

Jesus is the Master Teacher.  Common, everyday experiences are used to teach deep, important lessons.  He lived the life He teaches and He demonstrates His great love for all.  The Master Teacher shares His lessons with us through His Word and through the prompting of His Spirit.  If we will allow Him to do so He will use us to teach our children.  

These lessons are not intended to produce great scholars—though they can guide our children to that end.  They are not intended to produce great projects that will last forever—though they will create memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.  

Rather, these opportunities for instruction are offered to you in the hope that they will help you follow in the Master’s steps-teaching your children deep lessons through common everyday experiences-their playtime.

Invite Jesus to share in those precious moments of play. Teach as He did, using the common, the ordinary, the everyday, to teach the eternal lessons of life. 

About the Author:

Eleanor Hamilton is the mother of three children, all now young adults. She and Patrick, her husband of 28 years, currently reside in Columbia, Maryland. 

Eleanor has been involved in children’s ministry for many years, most recently teaching 4th and 5th graders, using curriculum that God has led her to create. In addition, for several years, Eleanor has created and conducted several special events each year to excite and entertain the children.   

Eleanor’s philosophy regarding children’s ministry is condensed into 2 primary goals that are set for every lesson and every event that she leads—

            1. Glorify God and

            2. Have fun while you do it. 



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