The Handbook of
Investment Performance

by David Spaulding
Foreword by Stephen Campisi
TSG Publishing, Inc.
A Division of The Spaulding Group, Inc.

© 2005 David Spaulding
236 pages

1-893813-15-0 (hard cover)

Price $95.00

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From the Back Cover --

The role of performance measurement has grown considerably over the past several years. The demand for information resources to meet the needs of performance measurement professionals, both seasoned veterans and novices. This latest offering by David Spaulding builds upon his already successful and well regarded Measuring Investment Performance and Performance Measurement Attribution. Not only has performance measurement's role in the financial industry grown, it has also evolved in response to the many demands that have been placed upon it, by practitioners, portfolio management, customers, and regulators. During the eight years since his first book was published, Spaulding has devoted a great deal of time to both reflection and research. The result is a book that goes well beyond anything previously offered. Performance measurement isn't limited to calculating rates of return (although there's plenty of discussion on this critically important area). It also includes benchmarks, risk measurement, performance attribution, and the performance presentation standards. This invaluable handbook offers a great deal of valuable information on all of these topics, in an easy-to-read and comprehend fashion, with practical examples and exercises to reinforce the material. Spaulding draws extensively from his firm's focus on performance measurement, as well as his own experience in consulting to numerous clients, conducting training throughout the globe, and interacting with other performance measurement professionals at conferences and meetings. This guide looks at performance measurement and all of its complexities, providing the reader with a valuable text and reference. It's insightful, clearly written and illustrated. The Handbook of Investment Performance is an essential resource for anyone involved with performance measurement.

About the Author

David Spaulding is the Founder and President of The Spaulding Group, Inc. He's also the Founder and Publisher of The Journal of Performance Measurement®. He is an internationally recognized authority on investment performance measurement.He and his wife, Betty, live in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

David Spaulding


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