Fame & Glory

by Gala Nettles
LMH Publishing
Madisonville, Texas

2004 Gala Nettles
200 pages

0-9649288-5-x (hard cover)



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From the Back Cover --

"Fame & Glory: The First Decade of NCHA Futurities" begins in 1961 when a few horsemen held fast to the idea of a show for young horses, amid a field of pessimism about such a preposterous idea. Told by the men and women who helped to make it happen, these pages step you back into Futurity history starting with that first event in Sweetwater Texas, in 1962.The Futurity was then, and continues to be, a show like none other. Remembering that first show, Zack Wood, who, in 1962, had just been hired as the secretary for NCHA shared, "Those guys riding down there were white as a hell! They'd never cut for anything that big in their life!" The excitement of that show was contagious, and yearly, the momentum grew. In these pages you will read about the early behind-the-scenes struggles to hold the financially wobbling show together, the fortitude of strong-minded cutters unafraid to step out into a new frontier, and the fantastic horses on which they competed. Each chapter is also rich in stories, not only of that year's show, but of the events leading up to it. Relive how Buster Welch didn't have a good futurity prospect until he heard about Rey Jay's Pete standing in Illinois; how Bubba Cascio swears that Matlock Rose couldn't have moved a hair during his treacherous ride on Christmas Four; how Doc Hamilton went from a rider unable to sit in the saddle to winning the Futurity, the first non-professional to do it. In essence, "Fame & Glory: The First Decade of NCHA Futurities" is a history book, preserving the abundant heritage of a show that has become the greatest cutting
horse show on earth.


About the Author

Gala Nettles has been writing about horses and the people who own and train them for twenty years. She has been living in the midst of them, however, longer than that. Married to NCHA Hall of Fame cutting horse trainer Ronnie Nettles, the couple reside on a ranch in Madisonville, Texas, along with kids and horses and dogs and buffalo. Life with a cutting horse trainer gives plenty of fodder for writing. The love for writing, though, blossomed years ago under the tutelage of Miss Mary, her sixth grade English teacher. "I'll never forget sitting in her classroom, third row, front desk. She was fascinating. At one time, our English lesson was to describe fences, and we spent days doing it. The challenge was to make the reader 'see' that fence in only one sentence. That's when I realized how important one word can be to get plenty of bang for your buck." Since then writing has become her passion. After receiving a Bachelors Degree from Baylor University and a Masters Degree from Sam Houston State University, she followed in Miss Mary's foot steps, teaching English for awhile before venturing out to become a freelance writer. Today she not only writes books, but she also free lances articles, primarily for the equine industry, and pens three columns. With Fame & Glory: The First Decade of NCHA Futurities" she has 14 books to her credit and eight instructional cutting booklets.

Gala Nettles


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