Wissahickon Dreams

by Laurie Cameron
Helictite Press
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

© 2004 Laurie Cameron
80 pages

ISBN 0-9758535-0-3 (hard cover)

Price $22.50

For information visit the Helictite website, www.helictite.com

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From the Back Cover --

The Wissahickon section of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia is a six mile long forested gorge through which runs the eponymous creek, named by the Lenni Lenape Indians, who hunted and fished there long ago. In colonial times settlers constructed low dams to power mills. Steam power supplanted water and the mills were torn down, but several of the dams remain. Later a carriage road was built along the creek with inns dotting its length. Ever since, the gorge has been a favorite spot for walkers, equestrians, fishermen and cyclists to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Laurie Cameron has spent three years running, walking, biking and cross-country skiing the trails of the Wissahickon with his point-and-shoot camera tucked in a pocket. His images capture the timeless and mysterious qualities of the place as the weather and the light pass through. You are invited to dream along through the seasons of the Wissahickon.

About the Author,

Laurie Cameron began amateur photography in 1957 while in the U.S. Army. After finishing college he attended a workshop course taught by the noted photographer Harold Feinstein (100 Flowers). He continued taking 35 mm black and white photographs in Philadelphia and in West Virginia, where he moved in 1971. During the West Virginia years he shot landscapes and took pictures of family and friends.One landscape won a Governorís Purchase Award at the biennial State juried art show. From 1985 until 2000 Cameron suspended his hobby. Toward the end of that period he began running on the Wissahickon trails and noticed the landscape possibilities which the park afforded. He bought a small point-and shoot camera to carry with him on his runs and enrolled in a digital imaging course at Philadelphia Community College. In 2001 he entered some Wissahickon images in the Friends of the Wissahickonbiennial photo contest and won first place in the landscape category. Some months later he was given a one-person show at the Allens Lane Art Center and that work became the nucleus of this book.

Laurie Cameron


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