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Applying For An ISBN Number

When you are  ready to apply for an ISBN number, we'll send you a "fill in the blanks" e-mail.  You provide the information needed to apply, and return the e-mail to us.  Then (normally within 24 hrs) you will receive your ISBN number from Bowker by e-mail, and we'll receive a copy.

Because the process is so quick now, you will normally apply when you start your book project with us.  If we already have your book files, we can add the ISBN number to your copyright page, make your bar code, and place the ISBN bar code on your cover.

Here is the official Bowker wording you need to see:

    Signature Book Printing is a designated agent of R.R. Bowker, the official ISBN Agency for the United States. This means that Signature Book Printing has an agreement with R.R. Bowker to pass single ISBN application requests to the US ISBN Agency on behalf of Signature’s customers. A single ISBN will be assigned in the name of the publisher {you} applying for it and the single ISBN will be owned by that publisher. The single ISBN will not be issued in the name of Signature Book Printing and will not be owned by Signature Book Printing. The publisher to whom the ISBN is assigned will be identified as the publisher of the book that has the ISBN on it. Signature Book Printing will not be identified as the publisher of the book.

     Once assigned, an ISBN cannot be returned. All ISBNs are non-refundable. ISBNs cannot be reused. An ISBN cannot be transferred, sold or given to someone else.

     By completing and submitting the application for an ISBN, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed and agree to the US ISBN Agency terms and conditions.

It's all pretty simple . . .  and that's the whole idea.

After you have your ISBN number, you'll register your book in the Catalog of Books in Print at

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