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That Ye May Teach the Children:
A Bible Outline with Questions for Parents and Teachers

"This is a monumental work of great scope and intensity and appears to be the ultimate outline and guide for Bible study for children. It is truly excellent! This book is for the dedicated Sunday School teacher and is not for the teacher who suddenly, at 9:15 on Saturday evening, recalls that he or she is scheduled to teach the next day. The art work is excellent!"

-- George N. Austin
Aldersgate United Methodist Church
Alexandria, Virginia

* * * * *

"I count it a real privilege to have the opportunity to preview your work. I think this will be a big help to many Sunday School teachers. The book is well organized and literally loaded with good ideas that will lead the reader to other ideas."

-- Dr. Russell D. Robinson, author of "Teaching the Scriptures: A Study Guide for Bible Students and Teachers," Milwaukee, Wisconsin

* * * * *

"What a treasure this book is -- a real gift to parents and teachers. Above all, it's a boon to the children. You have devoted yourself - mind and heart - to something obviously dear to you. Your love for your subject fairly shines through each page. Bravo to you!"

-- Beverly Jean Scott, Sunday School teacher, Camden, Maine

* * * * *

"This book is a gold mine of ideas for teacher, parent, grandparent or anyone interested in ideas for teaching children about the Bible. It is 'reader friendly' and the tabs and index put all information at your fingertips. It inspires and encourages even the most reluctant teacher."

-- Penny D. Seay, Sunday School teacher, St. Louis, Missouri

* * * * *

"This is really fabulous work. I know parents will love to use it."

-- Kristy L. Christian, Bible lecturer and Holy Land tour guide, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

* * * * *

"Just wanted you to know that I've had an opportunity to really dig into your book and found it so helpful. Thank you for the love and great effort and quality that have gone into every page. Good for you!!"
--  Madelon M. Miles, Bible speaker, Pacific Palisades, CA

* * * * *

"For any parent seeking to school their own children or anyone who teaches in a Christian Sunday school, this excellent new book should be at the top of your list to read and use." 

--  Alan Caruba, Editor, October 2000 issue of Bookviews, on the Internet at


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