Go In Beauty

Mary Senter

 ISBN 0-9716815-1-1

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Eagle Heart Unlimited
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Cave Creek, AZ 85327

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      OBSERVING life from many angles, the author has searched for and found beauty in many dimensions. She says, “We should always bear in mind that there is beauty within the seed no matter what the outward appearance and actions tell us.” For, “out of the darkness of the soil come forth the most beautiful flowers.”


Cultivation of our own seeds elicits even greater beauties if we ponder on how to bring them to the surface. The richness of life is to share beauty.  

Beauty is a vital energy that heals, uplifts, and inspires. Its purpose is to inspire people to bring out their inner beauty. Beauty underlies the many values that we cultivate in our life. By using values and virtues, demonstrating them in our actions, words and thoughts; we pass on the special wisdom of beauty. A veritable network of beauty permeates all, and the hearts of people resound to its enchantment. Searching for beauty enriches life. The thoughts expressed in this book help to overcome a world distraught with anxiety and distrust.

            The author has lectured and published several articles in a variety of highly regarded periodicals

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