Body Language of the Abused Child
by Jacqueline A. Rankin, Ed. D

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Rankin File
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Child abuse is a scourge of these times that is destroying far too many of our young people.
It is estimated that close to 25% of little girls under the age of 6 are molested.
In 1995, a case of child abuse was reported in the U.S. every 10 seconds. *
The cost of caring for maltreated children is $9 billion per year. *

The figures go on and on. Child abuse cases stagger the imagination with horror stories. Somehow this pandemic must be stopped.

This book, the only one of its kind to use Body Language to identify a suspected victim, can save the lives of countless thousands of children. How? Read it. Study it. Use it.

Dr. Jackie Rankin, the author, was Executive Director for a large region in Southern California for the Child Abuse Prevention Program under the aegis of Child Protective Services, State of California, a landmark program. Speaking to students in her 17,000 square mile territory, she learned to spot a child victim before the youngster told his story of abuse. It took Dr. Rankin 14 years to write this book: studying pedophiles in the California prisons, working with police, and most of all, studying child victims. Her degrees include Ed. D. in Education Management, M. .A. in Speech/English, M. S. in Management a B. A. in Speech/English, and further study with the Rockefeller Foundation for Women in Management. A popular speaker throughout the U.S. and Canada, her special area expertise is nonverbal communication, the subject of her doctoral dissertation.

She is in Who’s Who Women of America, The World Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who in American Education, International Platform Association, Who’s Who Women of the South and Southwest, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Media and Communications, Who’s Who in Entertainment, Dictionary of International Biography and National Capital Speakers Club.

Jacqueline Rankin has also written Body Language: First Impressions, Body Language in Negotiations and Sales, Body Language in Love and Romance and is completing Strong Body Language for Kids, a training manual for children.. She is about to embark on gathering research materials for Body Language of the Troubled Adolescent.

*Statistics are from Child Abuse by James A. Monteleone, M.D.

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