WORLD CITIES: -3000 to 2000

by George Modelski
244+vii pages
September 2003

ISBN 0-9676230-1-4

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WORLD CITIES:  -3000 to 2000

presents a comprehensive listing of the most important  cities in each of the three eras of world history:  ancient, classical, and modern, and pays especial attention to their population numbers.

It also tests the proposition that urbanization exhibits a learning process that, viewed against the backdrop of five millennia, is evidence for world system evolution bringing about increasing degrees of globalization.

The extensive database assembled here from a great variety of sources graphically illustrates the extraordinary leap in urban growth experienced world-wide in the 20th century and suggests the imminence of a decisive turning point in world social organization.

George Modelski is Professor of Political science Emeritus in the University of Washington.

Table of contents:

I.     What is a world city?
II.    Inventory of world cities
III.   Urbanization and world system evolution
IV.   Data and annotations.
V.    Appendices.
       Index of world cities

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