Cling to Me
A Novel by Gail Marie Mitchell

258 pages
Published late 2003 in paperback

ISBN 0-9745638-0-3

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Description of Story:  
In a deteriorating Baltimore rowhouse, viewpoints clash. 
     Shawanda, a single mother, struggles to raise her four-year-old son, Donte.  
(He's nicknamed Precious Baby by his maternal grandmother, Lena, who helps raise him.)
      Shawanda soon gets emotional and financial help from her new boyfriend, Aaron.  All
Aaron wants in return is respect.  But Lena doesn't care for his attitude.  After all, he's
not even the baby's daddy.  On a snow-littered evening, provoked by Lena's reminders 
and the boy's rebellion, Aaron loses it, and beats Precious.
     Shawanda is angry at Aaron.  Lena is outraged, and immediately does something
that will send Shawanda's world spinning.
      Across the city, Margaret's sister mockingly calls her the Mother Teresa of
Baltimore.  Sure, Margaret's a social worker who attends mass every Sunday - and 
spends Saturday evenings with her mother.  Single, childless, over thirty and 
desperate, she's about to do things that will shame her family.

                             "EXCELLENT MAINTENANCE OF TENSION."
                                         Bob Lightman, EditAction
Gail Marie Mitchell is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law in Baltimore.
She has been previously published in the horror comic, 39 Screams.
Copyrighted 2003.  All rights reserved

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