GREEK SALAD:  A Dionysian Travelogue  

by Miles Lambert-Gócs  

Published in July 2004 
by The Wine Appreciation Guild
of South San Francisco, California, 
in cooperation with 
Ambeli Press of Williamsburg, Virginia  

Retail Price:  $14.95

Length:  283 pages

ISBN# 1-891267-82-5



Greek Salad is a humorous gastronomic odyssey through the islands and mainland of Greece .  The 26 stories offer armchair travelers some rare and witty perspectives on Greece:  Find out about ‘prehistory’ on the island of Tinos; meet the innkeeper ‘Mad Manousos’ on Andros; learn survival skills for parched Santorini; gain a slippery perspective on mousaka; taste a green stone on Mount Parnassus; probe the link between Helen of Troy and Peloponnesian pasta; receive a ‘classical education’ on Corfu.  These are just some of the treats in store for both old and new friends of Greece .   

Greek Salad can be ordered through the major book store chains, or through and Barnes & Noble online.  It may also be ordered directly from The Wine Appreciation Guild at 1-800 231-9463.   

For signed copies, send a personal check for $16.00 (inclusive of mailing costs) to:  

Miles Lambert-Gócs
1008 Settlement Drive
Williamsburg, VA 23188

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