"In the Key of Life"

by The Seventh Grade Language Arts Students
of Greenbelt Middle School
Greenbelt, Maryland
228 pages

Greenbelt Middle School
8950 Edmonston
Greenbelt, MD 20770

"In the Key of Life"


During the 2000-2001 school year, the seventh grade Language Arts students of Greenbelt Middle School embarked upon an extraordinary "Learning Expedition."  Their mission was to become better readers, writers, speakers, and listeners, but to do that while learning about relevant subjects that they would choose themselves.  They would become knowledgeable about these subjects by reading books, interviewing experts, watching videos, classroom discussion, debate, and classroom lectures.

The subjects that they chose were Homelessness, Child Abuse, Teen Pregnancy, Divorce, and Gang Violence.  While researching these issues they expressed their thoughts and feelings by writing short stories, poems, essays, character sketches, oral histories, plays, letters, reviews, critiques, and responding in writing to various questions.  These "Thoughts . . . In the Key of Life," are presented in this book.

In the process of pursuing their mission to become better readers, writers, speakers, and listeners, our students have developed not only their abilities but also their passion for reading and writing, speaking and listening.  In addition to these things however, they have also developed their capacity to think both critically and creatively.

We are proud of our students.  They hold great promise for our nation and the world.  Please enjoy their "Thoughts . . . In the Key of Life."

Charles Thomas


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